VMware vSphere: Operate, Scale, and Secure


سرفصل ها

  • Configure and manage a VMware Tools Repository

  • Configure vSphere Replication and recover replicated VMs

  • Manage VM resource usage with resource pools

  • Configure and manage vSphere networking and storage for a large and sophisticated enterprise

  • Configure VMware vCenter Server® High Availability

  • Use host profiles to manage VMware ESXi 8 host compliance

  • Use the vSphere Client and the command line to manage certificates

  • Monitor the vCenter, ESXi, and VMs performance in the vSphere client

  • Secure VMware vCenter 8, ESXi, and VMs in your vSphere environment

  • Use Identity Federation to configure the vCenter to use external identity sources

  • Use VMware vSphere® Trust AuthorityTM secure the infrastructure for encrypted VMs

پیش نیازها

  • Attend VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V8]

  • Equivalent knowledge and administration experience with ESXi and vCenter

  • Experience with working at the command line is highly recommended

تقویم دوره

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