ITIL Expert

Capability Track Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, the student will gain competencies to:

• Learn the concepts of Service Management as a Practice

• Understand the Service Lifecycle at the core of ITIL

• Be confident in the general concepts, definitions, key principles and models of ITIL

• Understand how the Service Management processes and functions contribute to the Service Lifecycle and be able to explain the objectives, scope, concepts, activities, key metrics (KPIs), roles and challenges for all the ITIL processes

• Learn how technology enables the Service Lifecycle and how other complimentary guidance aligns with ITIL

• Understand implementation considerations

• Learn the activities, methods, and functions used in each of the Lifecycle processes

• Understand the application of the processes, activities and functions to achieve operational excellence

• Learn how to measure performance

• Understand technology and implementation requirements

• Understand the challenges, Critical Success Factors and risks involved in implementing and improving Service Management

Program Benefits:

• Innovation in Design: Innovative use of online self--learning for the theoretical components of the

course allows students to study in their own time, at their own pace. Apart from online self-learning,

students receive an e-reader/iPad or electronic document with the Reference Materials for the course, eliminating the need to print hundreds of pages of paper.

• Intense Group Experience: Spending 12 intensive days in a classroom with a select group of peers

results in vast knowledge and experience sharing, and forms the basis for long-..lasting relationships.

• Access to an Expert Community: After completing the program, participants gain access to a

select community of ITIL Experts, allowing them to join a continuous learning program.