Managing HP 3PAR StoreServ I

At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:


  • Explain the HP 3PAR current hardware offerings: including the 7000 series, 7000c series, and the V-Series (10000)
  • Know the numbering schemes for the HP 3PAR hardware components (controllers, physical disks, ports)
  • Understand data flow and communication concepts in an HP 3PAR controller node
  • Use Management Console and CLI and SSMC to perform administrative tasks
  • Set-up a Common Provisioning Group (CPG)
  • Create a Thin Provisioned Virtual Volume (TPVV) and a Thin Dedup Virtual Volume (TDVV)
  • Use Autonomic Groups (Host Sets and Volume Sets) to simplify provisioning storage
  • Change volume RAID, availability, and service levels using Dynamic Optimization
  • Work with Virtual Lock for Virtual Volumes and Snapshots
  • Administer Virtual Volumes using the CLI, SSMC, and Management Console to manage space
  • Create a Virtual Copy Volume (Snapshot)
  • Convert a Virtual Volume from fully-provisioned to thin-provisioned
  • Use HP 3PAR info to analyze luns presented to hosts